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About Us


About the NHEEMC
The NHEEMC is a grant-funded project at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) focused on providing professional development opportunities related to math for early childhood and elementary teachers in the state of New Hampshire. Our work is funded by 100K in 10, a national network committed to solving one of our country’s most pressing challenges, giving student great STEM education, by adding 100k more excellent STEM teachers to America’s classrooms in 10 years. The UNH initiative is one of 10 projects supported by 100K in 10 as part of their Early Childhood STEM Learning Challenge in 2017.

Key Features of the NHEEMC

Benefits for Participant Educators

  • Free access to the services of the NHEEMC’s PD website
  • Scholarship to take a 2-credit online course at the University of New Hampshire
  • Free access to on-site coaching by the NHEEMC coaches
  • Free registration to annual Early Childhood STEM conference
  • Online and off-line venues to form professional learning community

NHEEMC (New Hampshire Early and Elementary Mathematics Collaborative) aims to create professional learning opportunities, through which teachers can learn and grow their knowledge together, and share their challenges, successes, questions and ideas. By collaborating in this project, teachers can share resources and lesson plans, and offer support and feedback to one another.
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Online PD Course:
An online course, Math with Technology in Early Education, is offered online, as a 2-credit graduate or undergraduate class. This course is offered in the Fall and Spring for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years. This course will explore early math content strands and technology to support classroom practice. The course content is based on evidence-based practices and can be integrated into any early and elementary math curriculum. Scholarship support to take the course is available to NHEEMC teachers. To find out more about how to qualify for a scholarship and to register to take the class beginning on March 18, 2019, contact Kiki Donis-Wahl at Kiki.donis-wahl@unh.edu

On-Site Coaching:
In-class coaching for select NHEEMC teachers. Teachers will work together with a member of the collaborative to learn more about how to incorporate active learning practices in their math lesson planning and classroom instruction.

PD Website
A collaborative professional learning website. The project website offers teachers many ways to connect with and learn from other teachers, including: lesson plan sharing; professional learning book groups with activities and discussion boards; and links to various math resources.

Early Childhood STEM Conference
An annual conference bringing together NHEEMC educators for a day of learning. This summit will be in collaboration with the UNH STEM Teachers Collaborative. Click here for information about the NH Educators’ STEM Summit taking place on Saturday January 26, 2019 on the UNH Durham campus. 

NHEEMC | phone (603)-862-2676
Morrill Hall | 62 College Road | Durham, NH 03824