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Active STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) experiences for young children lead to critical thinking and inquiry skills and foster positive attitudes about math and science at a young age. New and experienced teachers can develop their knowledge and skills in how to facilitate children’s active learning in STEM experiences by engaging in various forms of professional development opportunities.
NHEEMC (New Hampshire Early and Elementary Mathematics Collaborative) aims to create professional learning opportunities, through which teachers can learn and grow their knowledge together, and share their challenges, successes, questions and ideas. By collaborating in this project, teachers can share resources and lesson plans, and offer support and feedback to one another.
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Join our Summer book group discussion of Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join other teachers in our book group forum. Respond to weekly discussion questions and share your reflections about the book


“The posts really have been a great way to share thoughts and ideas, as well as resources! I have learned so much from everyone as well”

“For me, the most important thing that I gained from each of these modules in regard to skills  required to be a successful early childhood math educator is that teachers need to have the ability to be acutely aware of how to recognize the vast amount of natural opportunities there are to teach math skills throughout the day”

"I will truly miss these discussions - I really liked our discussions and find that the conversations between us truly stimulate my thinking and help me understand better what happens in the older early childhood classrooms."

"We have definitely guided our own understanding and supported each other as well as pushed each other’s critical thinking"

-Former participants of this project


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Share and explore lesson plans shared by NHEEMC members.

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Take part in the NHEEMC online book group discussion.

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Talk with other teachers in the NHEEMC community about student math learning. Pose questions, share ideas, post about activities and events related to early math instruction.



A comprehensive list of resources to support teachers in their math instruction


A calendar of events in and around New Hampshire related to early childhood learning, elementary math instruction and STEM education.


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